Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

My session description for Reasons to be Appy conference

I'm looking forward to the sold out Reasons to be Appy conference at the end of May in London. Right now I'm scribbling down lots of notes all based off this session description:

Escaping Flatland

Listen closely to James Brown's Super Bad; nestled in-between Bobby Byrd's keyboards and Bootsy Collins' bass line is a flaw. It's the sound of a squeaky hi-hat pedal. A squeak that nobody felt the need to remove – nobody felt compelled to record an update. And yet the recording is still wonderful even with this supposed flaw because – for me at least – it adds texture.

I strongly believe these bumps and scars – these moments of subtle poetry – are what we as human beings fall in love with. These amazing digital devices we hold in our hands shouldn't be an exception; in fact because of their Flatland like nature we need to make sure we add these often illogical empathetic moments in-between to our interfaces and so we can create objects that not only Beep but squeak a little too.