Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 28th June 2020

HAS magazine from UNESCO appeared this week, featuring my Art of Cybersecurity work. The magazine looks great though I personally hate online magazines — I just can't be bothered to page through them online. Apparently they are looking at creating a physical version.

...every few days or so, he would sweep all the stuff on his desk into a storage box, date it, label it “TC”—short for “time capsule”—and then store it, with all the preceding TCs, in a special place in his studio.

Andy Warhol

This great article in The New Yorker detailed the life of Andy Warhol, including his time capsules — of which there are 620 for us to pour over. I personally think it's really important to document the work and what goes into it. I did see some discussion on Twitter suggesting nobody reads the how and whys of a project. Perosnally I disagree as they're often the interesting parts. Document your work.

This is great: A Comprehensive list of resources on the topic of digital morphogenesis (the creation of form through code).

I just move things around until they look right.

Design legend Milton Glaser died this week. He was always an inspiration, not just through his incredible work, but through his demeanor, especially when you watch this short film on him by my late friend Hillman Curtis.