Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 21st June 2020

A new piece of client work appeared this week in the form of a second commission from Trend Micro. Originally this was work for an event in Austin in May, but due to the Coronavirus, the event was cancelled. Thankfully the completed work was instead used for their Perspectives online event this week, and so it was great to see the week I'd done, created in Houdini, out in the wild. It was also nice to get an email out do the blue from a colleague of the client saying how much she loved the work. Makes a difference when someone takes the time to write and say lovely things.

Continuing with this current client piece of work, I realised how much I hate Wordpress. Never working with this horrific bloated thing again. Makes me love Kirby even more.