Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 14th June 2020

This week I've been exploring some ideas with Vellum — Houdini's soft body simulation system. It seemed my wobbly low-poly horse struck a nerve with many.

But I wasn't trying to make wobbly horses fall down stairs. Instead I wanted to explore the idea of using Vellum to create some interesting structures, made from the interactions of particle collisions.

In effect, these are structures that are frozen as a moment in time. Using this technique I can get some interesting forms that I may not have otherwise arrived it. This is early days but I think there's possibilities with this technique.


In the process of wanting the correct way to shuffle an array, I chanced on this great article which details how to use the Fisher-Yates algorithm, from 1938. Using the technique described I managed to deploy it for the current client project and it worked like a charm.

Eye Magazine 100 Issues

Eye is hands-down the best magazine about graphic design and this week saw their 100th issue. I've been lucky enough to write occasionally for this incredible quality magazine. Congratulations John and team for such a milestone, especially in today's climate.