Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 5th July 2020

A new book arrived in the form of Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning for Programmers. Much of my work these days looks at using such algorithms, so it's good to constantly be trying to learn new techniques.

I finally found time to put a small compilation together of some of my OpenPose AI and Houdini experiments in the form of this piece, using footage from the Royal Ballet.

Whilst this current client work continued, and I continued to endure Wordpress in order to embed the work I'm creating in three.js, I took time out to so some more experiments in Houdini including tracking paths around a Lissajous mesh.

Probably my favourite piece from this week was this, using Vellum and a form from my Lissajous maker.

I did manage to find time to write a blog post about creating variable length trails in Houdini. I mostly write these things for myself, as a kind of self-documentation, so I can remember how I made something. I also love sharing this stuff too in the hope it helps others.