Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 2nd February 2020

This week I started on a new client piece of work — something quite different to the things I've been doing of late, seeing me back using Processing.

I've enjoyed getting back into code again — not least because of spending time in my setup I've developed over the years using Vim. I can't ever imagine going back to any other editor ever again. So glad I made the switch a couple of years ago. Of course, still learning new techniques and tricks, which is part of the joy of using it.

The week was full-on, and when I wasn't working on this project I was taking phone calls about it. I did manage to get an estimate together for a previous client who is commissioning me for a brand new piece of work after a video call with the client and her team. Very happy to be working with the client again.

Had an email from the Creative Review Annual to say my Art of Cybersecurity work for Trend Micro has been long listed and now goes forward to the final judging process later this month.

When the weekend came around I spent some time firing up Houdini and delving into something I'd been meaning to for a while — crowd simulation. After watching a few setup videos, I managed to to this test as well as this one using the built-in zombie Mocap rig. It got me thinking about how I might use something like this in conjunction with data. Might be good to fuse this with the stuff I've been playing around with to do with population density.

On the Saturday I finally got round to finishing my little Radiohead test, using LIDAR data from their House of Cards video, originally done in 2008. I could have spent a lot longer on this, but for now I'm quite pleased, and shows some possible directions for future work.