Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 15th September 2019

At the start of the week I found myself firing up Fusion 360 to create a better case for my Git Deploy Notifier which I had built the previous weekend. To create this case I used this idea of a snap-fit case from the Layer by Layer video series. I've used it before and it works like a charm. To model the case accurately I found the models of all the internal components on Grabcad — an always amazing resource.

After dusting down my Makerbot, and creating the tool path in Simplfy3D, I set it printing. After a couple of hours I had an enclosure which worked really well, except, crucially the case was refusing to snap shut with everything inside as I hadn't left enough clearance for the tiny battery connector on the Feather Huzzah. Arse. Luckily it's not problem to jump back into Fusion and just make it all a little taller.

Thursday saw me travel to London to give a talk at a Trend Micro event, showing the process of making the Art of Cybersecurity work. The woman at the station coffee place always says "EXpresso" rather than "ESpresso", and it used to bother me. Now I realise that it's things like this that make the world a little more interesting. Arriving at the hotel I was given a welcome pack, complete with a postcard bearing my work on the front. That made me smile. Talk seemed go well and the audience were lovely and generous in their feedback.

Following the talk, and after meeting a friend for dinner, we headed to an event called Hidden, being put on by DBLG. It was the debut of a personal project they've been working on for some time, working with a fashion designer. Through a three screen system, a beautiful film took us through three different looks centered around fire, earth and water. As we left we picked up a 7 inch pressing of the music created by Blood Moon Project.

The next morning I took the time to take a walk by the Thames in the September sunshine. I found a bench and simply sat watching the world go by. I chanced upon a nice little coffee place that was actually part of a church, called The Wren, near St Paul's. Overhead they played Getz and Gilberto. Pretty much a perfect morning.