Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 13th October 2019

Much of this week saw me doing final work for the next Produced for Use release, scheduled for the end of October. I invested in a nice little label machine, as it was needed for this work. I got the Brother P-Touch 600 and was really impressed with what it could do. I also had to order all the mail packaging for this next product as it's the largest one yet.

The project that had been put on hold for a month or so was back on. In truth it's finished but I'm now just tweaking colours in light of some new colour ways that weren't originally present in the brand guidelines. Looking forward to getting it done and out into the world. It's another data-driven piece using Houdini.

The other thing I needed to do was crack-on with my keynote presentation for the upcoming Mind the Product next week. With 1700 people watching at the Barbican, I needed to make sure this was going to crafted. I also heard from my friend Pam Bowman who runs the graphic design course at Sheffield Hallam, asking if I would be able to come over and meet Patrick Thomas and his students from Germany, who are travelling through the UK using Trains not Planes. Luckily I could fit it in the day before I head to London.

Meanwhile in Houdini I continued to explore some new things, expanding on some earlier stuff using a Sop Solver to grow an organic structure.