Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

A Visual Review of 2018

I posted this story on Instagram, mostly for myself to jog my memory of what I got up to workwise in 2018, and decided to post it here for prosperity.

The first three months of the year was tough — with projects that I thought had been given the green light to be nothing more than fantasy projects. It was also frustrating when you have a great call with a prospective client after they got in touch and you never hear from them again, even after repeated emails, calls and even sending them things in the post. That's just bloody rude. Screw these people. By the end of the year though I had actually beaten my previous year's turnover by some margin.

Lots of lessons continued to be learned, not least about AR targets in low light conditions. I look at some of my work and really wish I had done things slightly differently, but time and money often get in the way. I loved working with really great teams on a common goal. I loved working with friends to make a book type thing that I'm proud of. I loved prototyping a new product and have it released into the world. I loved the opportunity to travel and meet and talk with interesting people. I loved writing on my blog. I loved continuing to work from home. I loved clients that paid on time — I'm lucky that 99% do.