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Use Dropbox to print to a Pogo from an iPhone automatically.

This has come out of a little project I'm currently working on that I thought was pretty handy.

I've had a Polaroid Pogo printer for a couple of years and whilst I love it, it's a complete pain that it won't print directly from an iPhone, which of course is Apples fault not Polaroids.

Anyway, I saw this blog post about creating an Applescript in Mac Mail to automatically print to the Pogo. Then I thought, well hang on, if I create a folder action and attach it to a folder inside Dropbox I can send pictures to that folder and have it print straight to the Pogo. The cool thing is you can send things to print no matter where you are in the world—as long as your Mac is on and the Pogo is connected you've got a very cool little web connected photo printer! Of course you don't have to just use an iPhone—any jpeg dropped into that folder will print straight away!

To make this work you'll need to pair your Pogo printer and then in the Bluetooth preferences window make a note of the address of your Pogo (you might need to choose "show more info"). 

Then download this script, change the address of the Pogo device in the script to the one you've just noted down and put the script inside the Folder Actions Scripts folder inside Macintosh HD:Library:Scripts.

Create a folder anywhere inside your Dropbox folder and name it something like "Pogo". Use the contextual menu to attach your saved folder action to this folder. You're done. 

Now simply drag a jpeg to this folder, or send an image to this folder via your phone or whatever and all being well it should automatically print to your Pogo.

Please don't contact me if you can't get this script to work; I made it for myself and I put it up here in case it's useful for other people. I don't have the time to answer questions about getting it to work for you.