Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was – 26th June 2022

This week I was in New York – my first time back in about four years. Christie's were auctioning a work of mine as part of "Cartograohy of the Mind" – a show put together by Ryan Zurrer to benefit research into the use of Psychadelics in medicine. This event was taking place as part of NFT NYC, and it seemed the whole NFT world was here.

Landing at JFK luck was on my side – we were an hour early. As I reached up to get my carry-on luggage from the overhead, a voice behind me asked if I wouldn;t mind sharing a cab with them into midtown. Before I answered the owner of that voice, I looked to see a large carry-on case being gotten down next to mine. Great – they've just got carry-on too, so they won't delay me with any luggage collection. "Sure" I said and we headed through passport control together.

As we passed the luggage carousel he uttered the phrase nobody with carry-on ever wants to hear: "I just need to get my luggage." What? He already had a huge carry-on case, surely he didn't have more luggage?

Now I had a choice. I could have said "sorry, I have carry-on for a reason." I should have said that. Instead, because I'm too polite, I simply said "no problem." Forty minutes later two huge suitcases came tumbling down the carousel. Of course I offered to take the large, battered cases whilst he wheeled my beautiful Rimowa.

I eventually arrive at my hotel, a good hour or so after I should have been there, yet it seemed longer. Truth be told we did have some good conversations about design and architecture and he seemed a lovely guy, but, honestly, never again will I share a cab with someone.