Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

Preview of my session for @FITC San Francisco

OK so preview is a bit of a stretch. That would suggest I have it all finished ready to go on Thursday 19th August. Well that would be a lie. I never put my talks together till the last minute; often it's literally the night before in the hotel room, being fueled by overpriced drinks from the mini-bar. No matter how I try and break this approach, this just seems to be how I put this stuff together.

So there's no preview as such. What there is though is a session description. Let's at least show willing and use that:


In a Place Where Ball Games are Strictly Forbidden...

Without a doubt these are exciting times for anyone working in the field of digital design. We're now surrounded by seemingly magical devices that we as designers can use as conduits for anything we can think of, where the affordance told by an object is no longer built into its physical form. Yet many seem to want to push old ways onto these new possibilities. For instance why do we replicate page turns on devices without pages? This is a time for the new and the unthought of, a time to ignore any previous rules and start from scratch and to create objects "that remind people of things they've never seen before". This session is for rule breakers, dreamers, the naive and the curious. Play-it-safers need not apply.

To be honest I haven't got much more to add, other than I'll try and make it as fun and inspiring as possible. It would be fabulous if you could come along, if for no other reason than to get a good seat for Yugo Nakamura. 

Oh yeah. Early bird pricing ends Friday July 2nd but If you use the code "brendandawes" you'll also get an extra 10% off. Think of it as a little gift from me to you. Don't mention it.