Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

Hack your TV remote better with @projectsugru

A simple way to make your TV remote a lot easier to use with the help of some Sugru.

Remote controls are usually always filled with a myriad of buttons, most of which you never actually use day-to-day. These are remotes made to cover all usage occasions and all types of people. Well with a bit of Sugru it's time to take the power back and make that remote your remote and hack it better – simply by taking things away!

The top section is full of buttons I have never pressed. Ever. So I just used one pack of Sugru to hide those buttons. The result is a much simpler interface made for for how I use my remote and the things I deem important. Truth to be told I could have removed even more buttons, but for now this is a good starting point.

Grab yourself some Sugru and hack that remote better.