Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 7th July 2019

This week I was mainly working in TouchDesigner, getting stuff finished for an exciting meeting happening the following week. One of the things I did one this project was implement a weighted tag system, enabling the system to better choose clips to play as it creates a movie on the fly. For this I had to learn how to merge tables of data in TouchDesigner. I always find the best way to learn stuff is to just jump in, push and prod, see what happens and than eventually find your way to where you wanted to head. After an hour or so I got there and had a system working to my liking. Then it was a case of tweaking and crafting to make it work better. Still liking TouchDesigner, though Python can go to hell. So horrible.

The contract for my next piece of work — which I'll be making in Houdini — has been signed, without any amends, which is unusual, but welcome. I always make sure I have a contract in place before any work begins as it protects me and the client, plus it sets out clearly what I'm going to make and the deliverables.

This coming Sunday we fly to Copenhagen for a bit of a break, taking in the Bauhaus exhibition plus the best food this city has to offer.