Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 30th June 2019

Even though I had just signed the contract for my next project, there was still a few things to fall into place before I could actually start work on this new piece for an American client. That actually worked out well for me as it gave me time to do more work on the Generative Film Engine which I'm working on with Gary Huswit. I have to say I've been loving creating this, as we start to drill down and craft this system a lot more. I've also loved really starting to get into TouchDesigner, learning a tonne of stuff along the way. I always think the best way to learn anything is to start making something. Only then can you figure stuff out that you had no idea you needed to figure out.

Much of the time when I'm working I'll put a podcast on, or listen to something on Radio 4 such as Word of Mouth or In Our Time, or lately The Killing Eve podcast. One of the best things I listened to this week was this thing on Spotify about In The Jungle Groove — the now legendary James Brown album that became the most sampled record in history, containing the infamous Funky Drummer break — the first time it had ever appeared on an album.

As well as podcasts and the like I've recently started listening to articles via the Curio app. Think of it like Audible but for news articles. It's a great way to hear a wide range of articles, from sources such The Guardian, Financial Times, Bloomberg and others.

Also this week I finally made the decision to delete both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, replacing them with Affinity Photo and Designer. Both of those have proved themselves to be really robust pieces of software, but more than that they're really great to use. And no subscription either. I know many others are doing the same.