Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 16th June 2019

This week I started on a new client project — just s short three week one, but still very fun to be involved with. It's for energy supplier Bulb, but more than that I can't say just yet.

As well as the new client work, I also finalised new versions of Morfff — my letter holder made from code and concrete. The new versions are in silver and gold. I've also ditched the old box as I didn't like the old one too much. It was fine to get it out there but was never really what I had in mind. My friend Ash told me about Stitched Boxes in Sheffield and so after getting a sample made up, which I loved, I gave them the go ahead to get a small run made, complete with the Produced for Use logo blind embossed in the top. I'm also replacing the felt base with die-cut 1mm thick cork, with radius corners, again from a British supplier. The whole thing should look how I originally envisaged it.

After falling in love with my Kaweco Sport pen in red, I ordered the aluminium one too. Slightly heavier, but I think I'll keep this one on my desk. Ink wise I'm using Diamine Majestic Blue, though I'm constantly changing my mind about what my go to ink is.

Had another work enquiry via the USA through my site. Phone calls next week to discuss the project and how I work etc. Think this one could be good.

On the Thursday I travelled into Manchester for the leaving drinks of the current MD for Future Everything. As luck would have it, a web teaching day unconference was taking place down the road, so I ended up having a dandelion and burdoch with some old web friends in The Salutation near MMU.

On the Friday I uploaded my work so far for Bulb, which got a really lovely reaction. More to do on this next week.